Putting Bernie in Your Own Photo: The Trend of Current Days

how to put bernie in my own photo

Everyone’s doing it. If you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, you’re bound to see at least one photo of someone with Bernie Sanders photoshopped in. It’s the latest trend sweeping the internet, and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. So what is this trend all about? Let’s take a closer look at this complete guide!

One of the most popular memes to come out of the presidential election was the image of Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair with his arms and legs crossed, wearing mittens and a parka. The meme took on a life of its own, with people inserting Sanders into all sorts of different scenarios. Read on if you’re wondering how to create your own “Bernie” meme!

Steps to check out:

● Step 1: Find an image of Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair with his arms and legs crossed, wearing mittens and a parka. The original image can be found here.
● Step 2: Choose the photo you want to insert Bernie into. For this example, we’ll use this picture of Queen Elizabeth II.
● Step 3: Use an online photo editor like Canva or BeFunky to superimpose Bernie over the top of the Queen.
All done! Now you have your very own “Bernie” meme. Be sure to share it with your friends—and don’t forget to vote!

The popularity of the trend:

The “Bernie” trend started on Inauguration Day when a now-iconic photo of Bernie Sanders sitting cross-legged and wearing a winter coat went viral. People were quick to begin photoshopping the image into all sorts of situations, from the classic “I’m not really here” beach photo to more topical memes like Bernie “sandwiched” between two slices of bread.

The beauty of the Bernie meme is that it can be applied to any situation. Whether you’re hoping to make a political statement or just show off your sense of humor, there’s a Bernie meme for you. And best of all, anyone can do it! You only need a little imagination and access to Photoshop (or even a phone app.

So why are people so obsessed with this trend?

● There are a few possible explanations. For one thing, it’s simply funny. The contrast between
● Bernie’s serious expression and the ridiculous situations he finds himself in are enough to make anyone laugh.
● But beyond that, the trend also allows people to express their feelings about the current political climate in a creative way.
So whether you’re a die-hard Bernie supporter or just looking for a good laugh, don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon and put Bernie in your own photo!


Whether you’re a fan of Bernie Sanders or not, there’s no denying that he made for some pretty hilarious memes during the presidential election. If you’re curious about how you can create your own “Bernie” meme, follow the steps outlined above. And don’t forget to have some fun with it—after all, that’s what memes are all about! So, it is time to enjoy while the trend lasts.